Fashion Fabrics

Fashion Fabrics

Fashion Fabrics from Nooteboom Textiles

Twice a year, for our seasonal spring/summer collection and our autumn/winter collection, we introduce all-new fashion fabrics. These collections have dozens of different fabric qualities and hundreds of brand-new designs.

These seasonal collections are frequently released for both children's and women's clothing. Our seasonal fabrics, as is typical, will only be offered during that particular season. Check out the seasonal textiles that are nearly sold out so you won't ever miss out on a current trend in fashion.

What are fashion fabrics?

Materials used to create garments and accessories are known as fashion fabrics. The aesthetic characteristics of these materials, such as color, texture, and pattern, as well as their practicality and toughness, are often taken into consideration when choosing them.

Some common examples of fashion fabrics include cotton, viscose, wool, and jersey. The specific type of fabric used will depend on the garment being made and the desired look and feel of the finished product.

Fashion Fabrics Series

Besides our seasonal collections, we also launch multiple fashion fabrics series between the two main seasons. These smaller series are mostly specified on a few types of fabrics.

Basic Fabrics

Have you discovered the ideal fashion fabrics for your clothing, but are unsure of which fabric will best complement this quality? Our basic fabrics have been demonstrated to be of excellent quality and should assist you in completing the ideal design.

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