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Children Fabrics

Children's fabrics from Nooteboom Textiles

Nooteboom Textiles is Europe's largest fabric wholesaler for women's and children's fabrics. Discover the hundreds of choices in children's fabrics, in dozens of colors and prints, each with its own characteristic and applicability. Start your new creation today!

Choices in children's fabrics

Choosing the right fabric for your next project can be a tricky. With us you have a wide choice of fabric types for your garment. We have already listed the most commonly used children's fabrics within Nooteboom Textiles for you:

Within our collection of children's fabrics, you can also easily search for specific baby fabrics, for example, our muslin baby fabric, waffle, and baby poplin.

Combine children's fabrics with our basics

Have you been able to find the perfect fabric for your garment, but you are not yet sure with which fabric you want to match this quality? Then view our basics for children, these uni children's fabrics are suitable for creating a complete look.

Easily order children's fabrics online at Nooteboom Textiles

Order your fabrics easily online at Nooteboom Textiles. Choose from 10,000+ different fabrics. Hundreds of different prints, dozens of colors and fabric types. Quickly find the right fabric for your purposes, via our extensive menu or via our smart search bar. Still unsure about a certain product? Then request one of our free samples.

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