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Poplin Fabrics

What are poplin fabrics?

Poplin (also called poplin cotton or popeline) is a finely woven cotton fabric. This quality is widely used for shirts and jackets and has a distinctive cross ribbing in the finish. The term "poplin" comes from the Avignon region of France. It was there in the 15th century that the fabric "papelino" was made, named after the Pope. Poplin was made of silk and cotton at the time, and was a luxurious fabric.

Fabric properties

Poplin cotton is characterized by a pleasant feel against the skin and a strong fabric. The important properties of this quality are:

  • Poplin fabrics are smooth;
  • Poplin cotton is strong;
  • Poplin fabric hardly creases;

Maintenance advice

For optimal preservation of quality, we recommend washing poplin fabrics at a maximum of 40 degrees. Do not use a tumble dryer for drying. We recommend ironing at a maximum ironing board temperature of 130 ° C without steam. Note: steam ironing can cause irreversible damage.

Applications for poplin fabrics

Most of the poplin fabrics we offer are used for clothing, and are available as children's fabric and as a fashion fabric. Poplin cotton is used for many items of clothing, including dresses, skirts, sweaters, mouth caps and t-shirts. At fabric wholesaler Nooteboom Textiles you can choose from hundreds of different poplin fabrics. 


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