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Register & Login

  • How can I become a customer of Nooteboom Textiles?Nooteboom Textiles is a B2B fabric wholesaler, which means that we only supply goods to companies. You can only register with a valid VAT number and/or trade registration number. You can register here as a new customer.

    As a private individual it is unfortunately not possible to buy from us. Of course you can go to a fabric store near you for our range or one of our thousands of other partners.

    Are you unable to register? Please contact us by phone on +31-135711212 or send an email to: ecommerce@ant1852.com. Send a screenshot of the error message for clarification. We will of course be happy to help you.
  • I'm already a customer but I don't have access to the webshop yet.If you are already a customer of Nooteboom Textiles and want access to our webshop, please send us an email stating: your customer number or company name (ecommerce@ant1852.com) or call us on +31-135711212. We will then send you the activation email as soon as possible. You do not have to register separately via the registration form.
  • Log in to the webshopAre you unable to log in to our webshop or do you receive an error message while logging in? Please send us an email stating your customer number or company name (ecommerce@ant1852.com) or call us on +31-135711212.

Your personal dashboard

  • Dashboard As a Nooteboom customer you have access to your personal dashboard.
    Here you can:
    • Gain insight into the current status of orders;
    • Download product images;
    • View invoices;
    • Gain insight into the payment status of your order;
    • View your personal data (as known to us);
    • Change your password;
    • Using the easy order functionalities;
    • View your personal wishlist;
    • View your order history.
  • Changing personal information You can find your account details in your dashboard under 'settings'. Are the personal data in your customer account incorrect or no longer correct? Please contact us via chat or send an email to: customercare@ant1852.com.
  • Change or reset passwordYou can change or reset your password here.
  • Change or add delivery addressWould you like to have your order delivered to an alternative address? Please send this address stating your customer number and order number (including contact person, email address & telephone number) to: customercare@ant1852.com. We will then add this delivery address to your personal account. You can then select this address during the check-out on our webshop.
  • Product imagesYou are free to use the images on our webshop for your own (sales) purposes. For example to display in your own (web) shop. You can download all images from the entire collection. This can be done via the heading: Media Downloads.
    In your personal dashboard you can also download all images of the fabrics you have ordered. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your personal dashboard.
    2. Pending, History or Invoices (displayed in the menu on the left).
    3. Click on one of your orders.
    4. Click on the green 'Download Media' button.
    5. Make a selection or download all product images.

  • DisclaimerThe photos and colors of the products shown may differ from the actual products. Nooteboom Textiles invests a lot of time and expertise to ensure that the colors in the photos are as close to reality as possible. All information and prices on this website are subject to typing errors and changes. We try to keep the website as up-to-date as possible, but no rights can be derived from this.

To Order

  • PricesThe prices on our webshop are only visible when you are logged in. If you don't have an account yet, register here.
  • Place an orderTo order on our webshop, you need an active account. If you don't have an account yet, register here. Do you already have an active account? Then log in here. Simply view our collections in our webshop and place the desired items in your shopping cart. Then follow the steps within our ordering process.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)The minimum order quantity (also called Minimum Order Quantity - MOQ) is 12 meters per fabric color. Smaller sizes are unfortunately not possible unless stated otherwise.
  • I cannot find the article I am looking for.Can't find the desired item in our webshop? Then use our search bar and extensive filter options. For example, you can search by colour, motif, specific fabric name or print. Are you still not sure? Send us your customer number, the article number (if you have one) and a description of the desired article (customercare@ant1852.com). One of our employees will be happy to help you find the article. If the item is no longer available, we will look for alternatives.
  • StockWe always state the availability of our fabrics on our webshop. If a fabric is not in stock, we will state the week number in which we expect to be able to deliver this item. You will also receive an order confirmation in which we indicate the week in which we deliver. We do our best to give as realistic a picture as possible. Please note, however, that delivery dates may deviate due to circumstances.
  • Order magazines Our magazine Stitched by You (SBY nr15) is available to order in our webshop: https://www.nooteboomtextiles.com/products/18996-001. Please note, this is the last edition of the magazine.

    The magazines My Image and B-Trendy are available to be ordered by our partner Made by Oranges: https://www.madebyoranges.com/en/

    The magazines can be ordered in two different ways:
    - By creating an account and placing the order online directly at Made by Oranges. You will find all the information here:  https://www.madebyoranges.com/en/service/resellers/
    - Or by filling out an order-form and sending it by email to info@madebyoranges.com. This form is available for download in our webshop: https://media.nooteboomtextiles.com/magazines/orderlist-magazines.zip
    The advantage of ordering online is that you can also order past editions or even single patterns and it is recommend since it makes the purchase easier.
  • Custom productionsIt is possible to have your own designs and colors produced via Nooteboom Textiles. Take into account a minimum order varying from 300 and 1000 meters per color, depending on the quality and finishing. This is a custom process. If you are interested in having your own productions produced, please contact customercare@ant1852.com.
  • Order ProcessingAfter we have received your order, we will process it first. You will receive an order confirmation from us by email. At that time, no action needs to be taken by you. Just please check whether everything on the order confirmation is correct.

    As soon as your fabrics have been picked from our warehouse, a proforma invoice is drawn up. The final shipping costs are also stated on this proforma invoice. Based on the number of meters ordered, we will determine whether we will deliver your fabrics in boxes or on a pallet.

    As soon as you have received the proforma invoice, you will immediately receive a payment link (Mollie) in the same email. You can pay the amount via this payment link. If you opt for a manual transfer: do not forget to mention the reference number (RF number). Without this number, our payment provider will not recognize your payment, with the result that the transferred amount is automatically refunded to your account.

    Please note, once you have received the proforma we can no longer change your order!

    When making a manual payment, also pay attention to the IBAN account number. It must be transferred to a German IBAN number in the name of Stichting Mollie Payments. 

    You have 14 days to pay for your order through the payment link. After these 14 days, your ordered fabrics will automatically return to our stock. As soon as we have received your payment, we will immediately send your fabrics. You will also receive a track and trace so that you can follow the order.
  • Disclaimer The lengths of rolls or doubled pieces (12 meters) may vary. The displayed measurements in our webshop are based on an average. Of course we always try to deliver the ordered meters as accurately as possible.

    Color differences on repeat orders cannot be ruled out due to different production batches.


  • Request samples You can request samples of almost all products that we offer in our webshop, with the exception of our Nobodeco (decoration) articles. These samples are free, you only pay for the transport costs. Each sample contains all possible colors of that specific article. You can order a maximum of 5 samples at a time. As soon as you order one of the articles, you can then request 5 samples again.

    How to order samples:
    1. Log in to the webshop
    2. Find the product that interests you.
    3. Scroll down and click on the button: 'request samples'.
    4. The samples will then be added to your shopping cart.


    Please note: If you order samples as well as rolls or double folded pieces, these will be processed as a separate order. Shipping costs will therefore also be charged separately.


  • How can I pay for my order? As a new customer at Nooteboom Textiles, you always pay in advance. You do not have to pay immediately after placing your order. Do not transfer an amount to our account immediately after ordering. We will first process your order and prepare it for shipment. Once this process has been completed, you will receive the proforma by email. At that time, the transport costs are also transparent.

    At that moment (after preparing your shipment) you will receive a proforma invoice with a payment link (Mollie) in the same email. You can pay the invoice amount via this payment link. Via the payment link you can pay with different payment options.


    Do not forget to mention your RF number with your payment if you choose to use a SEPA transfer. This reference is necessary for our payment provider to recognize your payment. Without this number, your payment will not be recognized and the amount will be transferred back to your account.The payment will then not be processed.


    In your personal dashboard you can view the payment status of your invoices at any time in the invoice overview.

    Please note: When you have received the pro forma invoice, you have 14 days to pay for it. If we have not received the payment within 14 days, your fabrics will be returned to our stock.


  • Delivery time If you have paid your pro-forma, we will send your orders to you within 1 working day (or on the same working day)! You can see the current processing status of your order in your dashboard.

    The delivery time also depends on a number of factors:
    • Is the item in question in stock?
    • Did you order folded pieces (12 metres) or rolls? Doubled folded fabrics sometimes need to be cut. As a result, the processing time is longer than with rolls.
    • Once your payment has been processed, we will send your order immediately.
    • The country where the fabrics are delivered. In some cases it takes time to obtain the correct documentation for customs, for example.
    • The type of transport (road transport, sea freight or air freight).
  • Part deliveriesIt is possible that not all ordered fabrics are available for shipment at the same time. In such cases, we will already send the part that is already available immediately. This can therefore result in multiple individual shipments and therefore additional shipping costs.
  • Do you absolutely not want partial deliveries?Then we can always send everything at once. You will not receive the shipment until all items are ready. For your order, please contact us by phone (+31-135711212) or send an email to: customercare@ant1852.com.
  • Calculation of shipping costsThe shipping costs are calculated in your shopping cart when you complete your order. Shipping costs will be charged per shipment, so also for any partial deliveries. If you do not want partial deliveries to keep shipping costs low, please let us know. Are the shipping costs not calculated automatically? Then please contact us.

    The shipping costs are determined based on the following factors:
    • Is it a shipment within or outside the EU?
    • The country of destination.
    • Is it a collie shipment in boxes or a pallet shipment?
    • The number of collie/pallets needed to pack and ship your order.
    • The type of transport (road, air or sea freight).
    • Do goods still have to be cleared at customs?

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