We have a reputation to maintain

A young company with an old soul

That is the best way to describe Nooteboom Textiles. What once started as a small shop for gentleman’s clothing, has grown to be a worldwide player in the textile industry. Still located in Tilburg and still run by the same family. You could almost say that not much has changed. And actually, the values with which Nooteboom Textiles was once founded still stand today. Loyalty, commitment, honesty and trust form the pillars of the company. Of course a lot has changed, but the essence of Nooteboom Textiles has remained the same all these years.

We lean on a firm foundation of 170 years of experience. All these years have brought us wisdom and insight in the industry. Because of this, our people are able to predict the latest fashion trends without error. Speaking of people: they love to work for us and they tend to stay with us. We often celebrate anniversaries and we’re proud of it. We’ve also been expanding our team with younger people and are constantly being inspired by their fresh ideas.

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