• Delivery time If you have paid your pro-forma, we will send your orders to you within 1 working day (or on the same working day)! You can see the current processing status of your order in your dashboard.

    The delivery time also depends on a number of factors:
    • Is the item in question in stock?
    • Did you order folded pieces (12 metres) or rolls? Doubled folded fabrics sometimes need to be cut. As a result, the processing time is longer than with rolls.
    • Once your payment has been processed, we will send your order immediately.
    • The country where the fabrics are delivered. In some cases it takes time to obtain the correct documentation for customs, for example.
    • The type of transport (road transport, sea freight or air freight).
  • Part deliveriesIt is possible that not all ordered fabrics are available for shipment at the same time. In such cases, we will already send the part that is already available immediately. This can therefore result in multiple individual shipments and therefore additional shipping costs.
  • Do you absolutely not want partial deliveries?Then we can always send everything at once. You will not receive the shipment until all items are ready. For your order, please contact us by phone (+31-135711212) or send an email to:
  • Calculation of shipping costsThe shipping costs are calculated in your shopping cart when you complete your order. Shipping costs will be charged per shipment, so also for any partial deliveries. If you do not want partial deliveries to keep shipping costs low, please let us know. Are the shipping costs not calculated automatically? Then please contact us.

    The shipping costs are determined based on the following factors:
    • Is it a shipment within or outside the EU?
    • The country of destination.
    • Is it a collie shipment in boxes or a pallet shipment?
    • The number of collie/pallets needed to pack and ship your order.
    • The type of transport (road, air or sea freight).
    • Do goods still have to be cleared at customs?

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