Tie-dye is a dyeing technique that creates a very special effect on fabrics. Tie-dye is very suitable for cotton-based fabrics because cotton yarns absorb the dye stuff very easily. The name stands for ‘tied-and-dyed”, which literally means that the greige fabric is tied before it is being dyed.

Every single meter of tie-dye fabric has a different look because there is no pattern that can be repeated continuously. 


How to make a tie dye


Tie-dye Technique

This kind of dying is very popular on summer qualities because of the bright colors which are often used.

The most important and most difficult about tie-dye is the use of colors and choosing the right color gradations. When you use yellow and blue dye stuff and you do not dye it correctly, you might end up with a green t-shirt.

 Any design is possible in tie-dye, as long as you know how to tie the fabric before you use the dye stuff. With the right instructions and required materials, you can even make a tie-dye t-shirt yourself!

What you need to know about Tie-dye fabrics

Do's with tie-dye fabrics

 Make sure your working place and your materials are clean;

 Try to work with garments which are white, if possible optical white;

 When you finished dyeing wash it in vinegar water once, before washing it several times in clean cold water;

 TIP: Do you have a color dyed garment which you want to use? Try to use bleach instead of dye stuff to create a tie dye effect;

 TIP: There are many ways to make a tie dye effect. Youtube is filled with different techniques and instructions video’s.

Don'ts with tie-dye fabrics

X Do not dry your garment in the sun after you finished the tie dye process. Only use a dryer after you washed your garment at 30 degrees in the washing machine;

X Do not wash your fresh tie dye cloth together with other clothes. Always wash separate the first time and try to use color catchers;

X Remember that dyes can ‘bleed’, which can result in a third, maybe unwanted, color. Try to avoid color combinations like red & green, blue and orange or purple and yellow.


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