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Overview of Nooteboom Fabrics

Nooteboom Textiles has a unique collection containing over 450 items in different colors and designs, divided in four main collections: children's fabrics, seasonal fabrics, basic fabrics and decoractive fabrics. 

Besides our main collections we also offer collections based on certifications, motifs, colors, and fabric qualities. 

Baby Fabrics

Baby Fabrics

Nooteboom Textiles is Europe's biggest fabric wholesaler of fashion for women and children. We have a large variaty of baby fabrics like muslin, waffle and fleece.

Children Fabrics

Children Fabrics - Wholesaler Nooteboom Textiles

View the hundreds of choices in children's fabrics, each with its own characteristic and applicability. We have a large variaty of childrens'fabrics like  poplin, tricot and jersey.

Basic Fabrics

Our basics collection consists of plain dyed fabrics and designs in over 150 different fabric qualities. Some of these 150 qualities are available in more than fifty colors! 

Seasonal Fabrics

Fashion fabrics wholesaler Nooteboom Textites

Our seasonal fabrics are released twices per year, our spring/summer collection and our autumn/winter collection. Be sure to check this collection if you're looking for the next new fashion trends.

Decoration Fabrics

Besides our large collection of fashion fabrics we also have our own dedicated decoration collection. These fabrics are ideal for making bags, pillows, curtains / drapes and accessoires. 

Certified Fabrics 

Ceritfied fabrics wholesaler Nooteboom Textiles

Nooteboom Textiles is certified supplier of GOTS, OEKO-TEX and GRS products. This means you and your customers are guarenteed to get qualified fabrics.



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